Best NZ casino is run by a group of gambling enthusiasts who have for many years tested and compared online casino gambling companies.

In 2023, we decided to create our own guide for other Kiwis who want to avoid trying 100s of casinos to find a good one to play at. Since then, we have been working to recommend the best casino sites and offer the best information for NZ players.

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Online casinos and information that is NOT top class is therefore something you will NOT find here with us.

About our casino recommendations

In short, only top world class casinos that are safe and secure for Kiwis are allowed to be recommended on best nz casino.

As we previously mentioned, we have worked with testing and researching online casinos for many years and over the years have also reviewed more than 200 online casinos. When you have tested so many gambling sites, you realize when you look back that only a small percentage of all of these are really top class.

But if you list these top casinos with 200 others, it can be difficult for one to know which are the best, even if you give the best the best rating. Best NZ casino is different! We don’t want to tell you about 200 different casinos that are available and “good” when we know that there are about ten that are significantly better than all the others.

We have therefore instead chosen to focus on the best casino operators where we can with the greatest certainty guarantee you as a reader a great experience.

How we compare casinos

Although you will NOT find 200 reviews on our site, we have actually reviewed as many casinos if not more. But instead of you having to read 200 reviews, we have chosen to only recommend top casinos without reviews. This means that we get much more time to review casinos, and that we can therefore also focus on delivering the best game tips to you. This also means you will find all necessary information about a brand in our top-lists.

When we compare casinos, we look at the following things:

  • The casino’s license. A valid license must be in place from a credible licensor such as the MGA, CIL or the New Zealand Gambling Commission.
  • Casino reputation: We know where to look to see if the operator has a good or bad reputation among players. Operators with many complaints and operators who are blacklisted by major sites are not welcome with us.
  • Terms and conditions must be modest. No bonuses with 80x wagering requirements, rules where each deposit costs and has wager requirements or other oddities are accepted.
  • Self exclusion options must be offered on the site. A casino that does not make it easy for gambling addicts to stop their gambling is unacceptable.
  • All top casinos ensure that players feel safe when playing. An important thing for this is that you have third-party organizations that ensure safe play with, for example, a random number generator that the casino cannot influence.

All this ensures that casinos that may be rigged, poorly equipped with security measures and unlicensed casinos do not end up in the spotlight.

This is how we choose top casinos

We have a list of more than 200 casino operators that we rate. Over the years as we mentioned earlier, some have gotten better grades, others have gone backwards.

Over time, in other words, based on real experience, we have seen the best casino sites get better and better while others stand still or go backwards.

These casinos that we select as the very best are, in short, 100% safe, have good support, fast payouts and are above all older casinos that have proven themselves as operators over a longer period.

Our top casinos therefore guarantee:

  • A safe environment with a secure license
  • Fair games controlled by a Random Number Generator
  • Profits paid out quickly
  • A decent welcome bonus

Why you should play at these casinos!

Besides the obvious fact that your casino experience online will probably be the best at these casinos, there is also another important reason. These casinos are the biggest and where the most Kiwis play.

This means that if you happen to have a bad experience, these casinos are more interested in reading it than others as they want to continue to maintain a good reputation in order to be listed on sites like ours where only the best are welcome.

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